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The design of the tent body has the floor’s waterproof fabric creeping almost halfway up the tapered end sidewalls to minimize the rainfly’s size and reduce overall weight. The poles are shock-corded fiberglass poles that are still easy enough to set up. Other features in the weatherproofing and protection with this model include the waterproofing across the tent, the mesh on the windows and the additional vents. For those only planning on doing both activities a couple times a year with the family, it may be worth considering a hybrid camping and backpacking tent Depending on your space needs, you could get a design like the REI Co-op Half Dome 4 Plus, which will fit four pads side-by-side (and is very roomy for two or three people). This camping tent includes ample space for four, is easy to pitch, and reasonably weather resistant thanks to a full-coverage rainfly and taut DAC pole design that stands up well to moderate wind. The best tents on the market can be found here.

While 2 and 4-person tents are great for those looking for lightweight camping, minimal features, and low price points, 6-person tents are designed for comfort, ultimate stability during harsh weather, and extra movement within the tent. Outdoor Gear Lab gave the Nemo Hornet five stars, writing that it’s targeted to backpackers seeking both performance and creature comforts in their equipment.” An REI buyer called it just right” in terms of size and weight because it’s lighter than most one-person tents, but fits two people.” Others also found it suitable for long-distance backpacking and mountaineering. The tent is also made up of a 20D ripstop nylon and 15D nylon micromesh body, a 20D ripstop nylon rainfly, and features 29 square feet of floor space.

So for these lone wolves, the ALPS Lynx 1 is the tent to pick up. It’s free-standing, two-pole design with 7000 Series aluminum poles ensure quality and durability, a factory sealed fly and floor seams boast the best in weather protection, and its vestibule for gear storage and extra weather protection makes this home away from home your right-hand-man in outdoor protection. As a general rule, the more robust the tent, the more time and effort needed to set up and dismantle, though specific design attention on quick setup (possibly in exchange for cost and/or weight) can alter that (for example, the Swedish manufacturer Hilleberg specify a design goal that their toughest tents should be easily pitched by a single camper in inclement weather while wearing mittens, but the implementation of that adds to their price). Coleman’s 4-person BlackOut tent provides an attractive mid-point between being the space constraints of smaller tents and the enormousness of full-fledged car camping tents.

The single-door design, heavy materials, and lack of bells and whistles help keep the price down, but testers absolutely loved the full mesh body of the tent when set up without the rainfly, earning the Slumberjack Daybreak the playful accolade, Best 4-Person Tent for Stargazing.” With options ranging from cheap car camping castles that fit a family of eight to ultralight, 1-person tents (costing more than some used cars), getting lost in the gear vortex is easy. Families of 6 are a little easier to plan for than a larger family of 8. These tents are great for people that are outfitting a family of four and can use a little extra space inside the tent for their camping gear.

The floor and rainfly fabrics of the Octagon feel durable and waterproof, though it’s lower quality than those on tents like the Grand Hut and Kingdom All in all, the Octagon is an appealing tent, especially for families or small groups who want to create a luxurious hangout space for a few nights. You also get a rainfly to protect against inclement weather, a hinged door for easy entry and exit, storage pockets, and waterproof floors that’ll keep the inside of your tent dry even if you have to pitch it on damp ground. One tester called this tent home for more than 200 nights while motorcycle camping across America It withstood daily setup, easily weathered unexpected gale-force winds, and provided plenty of space for a person, gear, and pup.

From lightweight tents for solo hikers to larger tents for family fun, we’ve found the best camping gear and accessories to make sleeping in the outdoors as cozy and comfortable as possible after a long day of hiking. Remember that when backpacking with multiple people, you can split the weight by dividing the tent, rain fly, and poles. I tucked him into his sleeping bag (after several books and lots of snuggles and a bit of negotiation) before sunset, yet thanks to Coleman’s Dark Room technology walls and rainfly, the interior of the tent was plenty dim enough for slumber.

As all tents tend to comfortably accommodate one or two fewer people than they state, a four-person tent is ideal for a party of three, a six-person tent perfect for a group of four, and so on. You should choose a car camping tent that will easily house the people and gear in your party, but there’s no reason to choose a tent that’s dramatically bigger than you need. When you’re car camping, gear weight isn’t an issue, so choose a tent with plenty of space and all the extra features you and your camping buddies could want in a home away from home. The perfect tent for backpacking or cycle touring should be lightweight, durable, weather proof, designed with high quality materials, and quick to set up.

For double skin tents, the inner tent (often mesh) is not waterproof since it is protected by the rain fly. Depending on tent size and the experience of the person or people involved, such tents can usually be assembled (pitched) in between 5 and 25 minutes; disassembly (striking) takes a similar length of time. The bulk of this article is concerned with tents used for recreational camping which have sleeping space for one to ten people.

While it is not a complicated tent, setting up a tent for the first time often leads to poles in the wrong holes or a backwards rainfly. Bottom Line: The weight and space provided with the Pyramid 3 make it a great choice for backpacking tent, especially with how easy it is to setup. As with most tents of this size, it was easy for one person to set up with its standard two-pole system so we could hit the road and hit the trail quicker.

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