The best rowing machine on the market

There are four main types of rowing machines: hydraulic, air or flywheel, magnetic resistance, and water resistance. The primary types of rowing machines are magnetic resistance, water, flywheel, and hydraulic, each of which generates resistance in different ways.

Magnetic rowing machines are usually the quietest—some even silent—while air rowers are the loudest. Pros—These machines are quieter, smoother, and have a more consistent resistance than air rowers. The pricier air, magnetic, and water resistance-based rowers provide a more natural and efficient workout. The best rowing machine on the market can be found here.

Magnetic machines are quiet to run and cheap, but usually lack the resistance and smooth stroke of air or water machines. The FDF Newport AR is a water resistance rower which offers 4 levels of resistance and comes with an ergometer with a USB port, which shows time, distance, 500M split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts and heart rate… Read Full Review. Hydraulic rowing machines are pretty quiet, and in general, they feature a smaller footprint than water and air rowers.

The most advanced performance monitors for indoor rowing machines also have online connectivity and give you the possibility to upload your workout data online, analyze it from different angles in order to continuously improve, and also to compete with other rowers. The JLL R200 is a magnetic rower with ten resistance levels, but it’s worth pointing out right away that even its highest setting might not be enough to give the full-body workout that rowing should deliver. With eight different levels of magnetic resistance, this magnetic rowing machine will let you have a smooth workout.

On top of all the great features, the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine features the S4 Performance Monitor, an excellent user friendly equipment that provides accurate and detailed data while you row. While some hydraulic/air rowing machines are going to produce industrial sound effects , water rowers are virtually silent, making them the favorite of home gym users who have to deal with light sleepers in the house. Unlike air rowing machines, water rowers are often considered as newer innovation in rowing machine technology.

Those who are used to rowing on the water, or even air resistance rowers, may need some time to get used to the ride of the WaterRower Natural. Rowers who are used to using air resistance models may find the magnetic resistance odd as it remains constant throughout the workout, rather than adjusting to the effort being put in. Sunny Health and Fitness offers models of hydraulic, magnetic and air rowing machines.

WaterRower strictly produces water resistance rowing machines and is one of the top rated manufacturers in the world of rowing equipment. The Merax Magnetic Folding Best Rowing Machine is a compact, smooth rower that provides you with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. With a comfortable, stable seat that rolls smoothly along dual rails, you’ll experience an excellent workout where you can keep track of distance, time, and calories burned as displayed on the S4 monitor.

Foldability: Some machines (usually magnetic and hydraulic resistance) fold up for easy storage but some others (often air and water resistance) don’t. Rowing machines offer a full-body workout that can burn anywhere from 210 to 377 calories — depending on your weight — in just 30 minutes. Whether you’re looking at one of the inexpensive hydraulic rowers or a top of the line water resistance model, there are certain things to keep in mind as you search for the best rowing machine for your gym.

For those of you who prefer the swooshing sounds and the outdoor rowing feel of water resistance rowers, these are the best machines on the market today. These operate on the same principle as air resistance models except that water resistance rowers are much more realistic. When I dug into the specifics of the WaterRower, I learned it was perfect for group fitness and changing the perception people might have historically (from CrossFit, rowing on the water, etc.).” The machine is smooth, easy-to-use and works for everyone from beginners to experts.

Magnetic and water-resistance rowers provide the smoothest, most natural experience so your body more easily adapts to the motion. Fitness rowing machines based on magnetic resistance are available utilizing only magnet resistance or a combination of magnetic and air resistance. Unlike flywheel based indoor rowers which receives its resistance from the wind, magnetic rowing machines utilizes a magnetic brake system.

Although hydraulic based indoor rowers are low-cost, they differ from air, magnetic and water rowers because the rowing machine technique doesn’t allow you to pull in a straight line. Hydraulic rowing machines receive its tension from the amount of air or fluid that’s compressed with a cylinder or piston, and can be adjusted by most models of indoor rowers. In contrast, rowers using water or air resistance more accurately simulate the physics of actual rowing.

The resistance can increase naturally with the user’s effort, so water rowing machines by WaterRower and HCI Fitness don’t include tension knobs or resistance buttons. The 4kg flywheel and magnetic resistance system boast eight levels of resistance, while the solid aluminium rails and robust seat rollers ensure the rowing movement is smooth and not as noisy as rival air-driven units. A 7kg flywheel offers what Viavito calls “silent and friction-free” magnetic resistance, but that hushed rowing experience means it doesn’t feel quite as smooth or realistic as the WaterRower or those noisy, air-powered units on this list.

Box-fresh oarsfolk will not be able to tell the difference between a machine that uses air resistance and one that favours water or some trick electro-magnetic unit, but these factors will be important to more experienced rowers. WaterRowers couple the density of liquid resistance with comfortable dimensions and a slick sliding seat; together these help the user fall into a soothing rowing cadence. If you want a hardcore workout that will build up your aerobic fitness, torch calories, and sculpt your back, hamstrings and glutes, look no further than indoor rowing The machines take the principles of rowing crew on an actual boat and applies them in an indoor setting, so—in most cases—no water necessary.

One thing some people don’t like about magnetic resistance, however, is that the resistance on these rowing machines is usually constant and not always responsive to you as you exercise. Rowing machines that use magnetic resistance have electromagnets and a brake system that help prevent noise while boosting resistance through your workouts. Air rowers resemble water rowers in their ability to build up resistance and respond to the person exercising on the machine.

Rowing machines that use air resistance are designed with flywheels resembling fans, and the flywheel itself uses the air around it to create the resistance as you exercise. However, this is not true of all water rowing machines, since some of them do feature resistance knobs and dials if you still want to manually adjust your resistance levels. WaterRower’s Natural Rowing Machine provides you with an excellent full-body work out machine that’s easy to use and developed with a lot of variety in programs.

Made to use air resistance each time you make a stroke on the machine, this rower can provide you with a lot of resistance while still being easy to adjust. Sole’s SR500 Rower provides you with a smooth full-body exercise program because of the easy to reach resistance adjustments on the rower. One great feature of this rower is how easy it is to adjust the resistance levels, and the smoothness of the stroke the machine gives you.

For those who have never rowed for exercise before, you may not be familiar with how great and relaxing a good row session can be. Rowing machines are special in that they offer a full-body workout, but you are able to adjust the tension, speed, and of course, and length of your workout. The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 is a cool wind resistance rowing machine with performance monitor capable of many functions. The main types of resistance that rowers will feature include air, water, hydraulic, and magnetic resistance.

Something that sets the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 apart from the rest is that it features hydraulic gas shock resistance, which is a good option to go with for beginner rowing machines. The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 is not too large, it folds in half for easy storage, it has reliable air resistance, everything about it is extremely comfortable, it has a great performance monitoring system, and much more. Moreover, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with large anti-slip foot pedals, well-padded handlebars with an ergonomic design, and a very comfortable padded seat.

One of the things that we love about the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is the magnetic resistance which it features. The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood also comes with a solid performance monitor that will let you track various fitness metrics and more.

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