The best portable air conditioner on the market

With an impressive 12,000 British Thermal Units under its belt, it will get your room cool and conducive efficiently and in a fraction of the time it takes other portable air conditioners. Because you have to two separate hoses, these types of portable air conditioner are usually more energy efficient, generally cooling a room approximately 40% quicker than single-hose units, and they are the preferred choice if you’re looking to cool a larger room. The best portable air conditioner on the market can be found here.

To get the proper amount of AC, people often turn to portable air conditioners, which, like central and window units, can cool your house down. With 4.69kW and 16000 BTU, it is one of the more powerful models on this list, making it suitable for cooling larger living spaces. The drawback to a dual-hose portable air conditioner is that some models use two internal fans, which can lead to a slightly higher energy usage.

The BTU is the standard unit of measure to convey how powerful a portable air conditioner is. The number of BTUs directly corresponds to the size of the room or space you need to cool. Another substantial concern when considering the proper BTU rating is whether the said unit is a single or dual-hose Portable AC. Ideally, the dual hose is more energy efficient than single-hose portable air conditioners. Portable air conditioners may not exactly be as portable” as their name implies (some units can top 100lbs plus), however even the heaviest units will still come with caster wheels on the bottom and a convenient hose setup which allows you to roll it around the house and use it on just about any window configuration imaginable.

This is where bumping up to portable 14,000 BTU units like the hOmeLabs portable air conditioner comes in, with its ability to both cool and dehumidify rooms up to 500 square feet at a time without even breaking a sweat. Keep your living and work spaces cool and comfortable all summer long with cooling systems from NewAir We offer misting fans , portable air conditioners and portable evaporative coolers for spaces of every size. The 7, 000 BTU rating already tells you that you have a powerful air conditioner and as a three-in-one machine, it is capable of cooling a large space with a low noise factor.

This easy-to-program portable air conditioner comes with a digital display and a remote control, and it features an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 9. Amazon buyers award the Honeywell air conditioner a hearty 3.8 out of 5 stars for its ability to quickly cool the air in medium-size rooms, its variable fan speeds, and its sleek good looks. Since the unit relies on already-cooled indoor air to bring down the temperature of the condenser, a lot of energy goes to waste Plus, single-hose models create a negative pressure within the room, and hot air is subsequently drawn back inside to even out the room’s pressure. As the name implies, portable air conditioners are movable units—in the sense that they’re not permanent, not that they’re particularly easy to carry from room to room—that blow cold air into an interior space.

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner is among the best portable air conditioner 2018 due to its excellent performance and amazing features that fulfill your cooling needs. Many portable air conditioner models have a lower cooling capacity than other types of air conditioners. Models may have self-evaporating features that don’t require you to empty out the water tank, and others may have functions to keep the unit from overdelivering cool air once the target temperature is reached.

This 43 lb. portable air conditioner offers 8000 BTU of comfort and is excellent for cooling spaces up to 350. This 55 lb. portable air conditioner offers 12000 BTU of comfort and is excellent for cooling spaces up to 400. Most of the portable AC models come with a window venting kit that makes it easy to set up. But, note the length of the vent hose if you want to keep your air conditioner further away from the window.

In general, portable AC units aren’t as efficient as other types of air conditioners, but they are great for cooling specific areas in your home or apartment. When you’re looking for supplemental cooling, portable air conditioners are great products to turn to. They’re pretty easy to use, simply wheel them into place, set up the window kits, and plug them in. However, when it comes to operating them, people seem confused about why they collect moisture as they cool. It is more expensive than others on my list, but as a portable air conditioner it offers fast, powerful cooling and quiet operation — similar BTU models are much louder.

As an industry standard and threshold for quality, most portable air conditioners are running on less power, and come with higher Energy Star standards than window/wall units. Their M008CESWK compact unit is a powerful remote-controlled air conditioner and dehumidifier plus a cooling fan. Any decent portable unit under $200 will be an evaporative cooler, and at that price point, Walmart customers’ favorite model is far and away the NewAir AF-1000 Available in three different colors (including a festive bright red), this cooler/fan hybrid gets rave reviews for its strong airflow, a huge, five-plus-gallon water tank, and lightweight, easy-to-move design.

To cool down small spaces, grab the 8,000 BTU Black+Decker BPACT08WT portable air conditioner — an efficient, lightweight, and relatively affordable unit that doesn’t take up much space. In places like the Midwest or Northeast, where the weather changes every 15 minutes, you need a unit that can keep up. We think Whynter’s ARC-14SH dual-hose portable A/C and heater is a more-than-worthy candidate, even in large rooms, what with its 14,000 BTU cooling/heating capacity, simple installation, and remote control. (That stands for “British thermal unit,” which is the amount of heat necessary to heat a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.) In the simplest sense, an air conditioner’s BTU indicates how much energy it’s capable of processing in an hour, i.e. its cooling power.

A window AC rated at 6,000 BTUs will therefore deliver more cooling than a portable AC unit rated at 6,000 BTUs.” But the compensating factor is that there is a closed loop” cooling system (like the one on traditional air conditioners) with dual exhaust hoses on this ZoneAire; that evacuates hot air 40% faster, cools a room down nearly twice as fast, removes more moisture from the air, and maintains your desired temperature very effectively. We couldn’t put together a list of the top 5 best portable air conditioners without a lower-priced option for those with smaller rooms, and we’ve chosen this 8,000 BTU LG model to fill that role.

The HPC12XCR rolls easily on caster wheels, it has a dehumidification mode and removes a little more water from the air because it’s a larger unit, it has a three-speed fan and electronic controls with a full-function remote, and it’s an auto-evaporate portable air conditioner with an easy-to-remove mesh filter. When choosing one of these portable A/C units, the first consideration is naturally its cooling power (which is measured in BTUs); after all, if a machine isn’t powerful enough to cool the rooms where it will be used you’re throwing money away – and if the machine is too powerful it’s simply overkill. When you’re talking about the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, you’re talking BTUs or British Thermal Units.

The cooling power of this portable AC is 12,000 BTU that provides a cooling coverage of up to 425 square feet which highly depends on the heat load. The Global Air YPF1-12C portable AC supplies a cooling power of 12,000 BTU. The Black Decker Portable AC carries a cooling power of 14000 BTU and a remote control is also included.

With the EER at 11.0, this single-hose Frigidaire portable was measured with the highest rating among all the tested models; however, on the other hand, it was measured at a lower SACC and Btu rating, 7,200 and 12,000 respectively. Though the portable uses 5000 BTU, the included features back its lack of power up. It comes with a window kit that is super-easy to install. Portable air conditioners are known to perform below the standards, and we have come across the news of people frequently opting for smaller units, which they later find unsatisfactory; hence left with no other option than returning it. That is why we decided to focus on big units and limit a point – SACC of 7200 Btu/hour.

Since oversized air conditioners are known to come with a risk of overcooling the room before the process of dehumidification, the ones mentioned below boast built-in dehumidifying settings to pull away any moisture from the room without actually cooling it. That is the reason we were not concerned with oversize units; what really concerned us was to come up with wise recommendations that have the capacity to deliver satisfactory performance.

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