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Designed to fit into your existing masonry fireplace, gas fireplace inserts are the most efficient way to fix cold chimney draft, lower your home heating bill and update the look of a room. Depending on the make and model you purchase, electric fireplaces can deliver a host of benefits, particularly when you compare them to older heating options, such as wood-burning fireplaces, or old-style space heaters. Wood-burning fireplace inserts are more efficient since they give off more warmth and last longer than traditional fireplaces. The best fire place on the market can be found here.

Keep in mind the convenience of gas and electric fireplaces when making your purchase, as you will need to refill and clean up wood and pellet burning fireplace inserts. This unit will easily install into your existing fireplace and give off a somewhat realistic flame,.which you have complete control to change the look of. It won’t provide as much heat as a wood burning fireplace insert, however, so take that into consideration. The inviting ambiance of the life-like flames created by these linear electric fireplaces beautifully mimics the look of a real wood burning fireplace, propane fireplace or gas fireplace.

Both inserts and built-in fireplaces are reliable heat producers, filling your room with a mix of warm air and radiant heat. Gas fireplaces come in three types: inserts, for folks who want to retrofit a wood-burning firebox with something more convenient and efficient; built-ins, for those who want a fireplace where there isn’t one now; and log sets, basic burners that sit in existing, open fireplaces. Additionally, wood-burning fireplaces can also draw warmer air from inside a room up and out the chimney, further lessening wood fireplace efficiency.

Both gas and wood-burning fireplaces lose heat up the chimney, although wood-burning fireplaces typically lose more. Visit our expansive showroom on the corner of Highways 21 & 86 in Kincardine that features beautiful burning displays, top rated fireplaces, efficient wood & gas stoves, and plenty of accessories to complete the hearth of your dreams. Wood (or coal or gas) burning fires will vent up through a chimney and a good deal of heat is lost through it. Without the chimney, the electric fireplace uses all the heat produced to actually heat the room.

It’s range may not be as large as a wood-burning stove and you can’t usually heat your entire house with one, but if your furnace struggles with getting your newly finished basement or attic warm, then finding an electric fireplace that will warm the room may do wonders. PuraFlame Western 33″ Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert With Remote Control Key Features: The PuraFlame Western 33″ Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert With Remote Control is a perfect solution for any number of possible concerns or DIY opportunities.

Electric fireplaces rely on electricity to generate heat, whereas traditional fireplaces burn logs of wood to generate heat. Electric fireplaces are a type of electric heater that looks like and provides many of the benefits of a traditional wood- or coal-burning fireplace. You’ll find electric fireplaces available for far less than what it would cost for most other types of heating, including the installation of a new central heating and air system, or the construction of a traditional fireplace.

This electric fireplace insert uses energy saving LED technology for its flame effect, which combined with life-like resin logs, ember bed, and three flames with variable intensity, give a traditional log fire effect. As well, replacing an old gas fireplace with a new energy-efficient gas fireplace model or retrofitting an existing wood burning fireplace with a direct vent insert is a great way to save money on your home heating bills. For the best in innovative design and quality craftsmanship, look no further than fireplace models from Spark Modern Fires, Dimplex, Robert H. Peterson, M&G Dura-Vent, as a well as the many fine Woodbridge gas and propane fireplaces, log sets, and gas inserts that we design and manufacture ourselves.

With the heating element off, there is never a problem with excess heat so it can be used in locations where it would unsafe to operate a traditional wood burning fireplace or gas fireplace, due to the risk of nearby objects overheating or even catching fire. All fireplaces create different outputs of heat, depending on size and whether they are wood burning, gas, propane or electric fireplaces. We offer a multiplicity of contemporary and modern fireplaces that includes vent free fireplaces, vent-less, direct-vent gas fireplaces, linear burner systems for indoors and linear burner systems for outdoors, retrofit linear burners, ribbon style burners, gas stove inserts, free standing gas stoves, wall mount fireplaces, bio-fuel fireplaces, and so much more.

A new gas insert is guaranteed to be more energy efficient than your current wood-burning fireplace, and come with the latest technology in home heating. Wood-burning fireplaces with chimneys are often much larger and more imposing than chicer electric or gas fireplaces.

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