The best area rug on the market

Wool: High-end wool comes from sheep in New Zealand or the Himalayas, and is strong enough to last for years and years with occasional professional rug cleaning. Though we’ve seen rugs made of plant-based fibers in offices and living rooms in photos and showrooms—and we know at least one person who uses a jute rug in their bedroom—we’ve found that such rugs generally don’t work as well in those rooms because they aren’t as soft underfoot. The best area rugs can be found here.

Ideally, a rug should go under all of the furniture in a room, with a few feet to spare if it’s not against a wall, said Jessica Probus, author of Home Decor Cheat Sheets: Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living This arrangement makes the room look more unified and grounded. If you can’t afford to cover the space between all of your furniture, consider multiple rugs arranged to unite specific areas where conversation happens. Dining room: A rug will make the dining space feel grounded and keep chairs from scraping the floor.

Instead we favored rugs available in small sizes in bold colors, as well as larger sizes in neutral colors. Size: We read again and again that a primary rug for a room should be big—large enough for all the furniture in a room to at least partially sit on, according to interior designer Jessica Probus. Remember, though, that rebuying an inexpensive rug every few years adds up. Cheap materials can require steam cleanings a couple of times a year to look good.

We like these rugs best in small doses: at the foot of a piece of furniture to support bare feet, for example, or as an accent rug in a playroom to create a soft spot where kids can lie down with a book. These rugs also require regular steam cleaning to keep them looking decent. Why it’s great: The pattern on IKEA’s Hovslund looks similar to that of the Persian Area Rugs 3028 Moroccan Trellis, but it’s easier to clean and not as prone to stains.

They’re great for dining rooms since you can scoot chairs around on them, but bare feet will also have a nice surface to rest on. Low-pile rugs work well in kids rooms, since they’re soft enough for kids to roll around on and are generally easier to clean than higher-pile rugs. It has a great price for a wool rug, and it’s softer than the other budget wool rugs we put our hands on. Of the five patterns it comes in, we’ve most often seen the black-and-white striped Stockholm pop up on design blogs. Why it’s great: Any stripes will make a room feel more open, but the variation in stripe size makes the Barcode Rug from Crate and Kids (formerly The Land of Nod) one of the more interesting designs of its kind we’ve seen.

When we put this rug through the washer and dryer—Dash & Albert recommends hand washing or professional cleaning—it shrank by 10 percent in area, on a par with the other rugs we cleaned this way. Flaws but not dealbreakers: While soft, this rug is a little thinner and bumpier underfoot than many flatweaves—get a thick rug pad to go with it. This rug also may shrink slightly after washing; one editor found that her runner shrank a few inches in length (even with air-drying), so keep shrinkage in mind when ordering the size to fit your space. Using a thick rug pad can make a big difference with these rugs, transforming them from something that feels most appropriate in a kitchen to a rug that is cushioned enough to put in a bedroom.

Flatweave rugs have no pile”—that is, no fibers that stick up. They’re a good option if you’re looking for a budget rug to cover a large space or to occupy a high-traffic area. Sometimes you need an area rug just to cover ugly floors, to keep downstairs neighbors from hearing you walk around, or to make your place feel homey without spending a lot of money. Of the 38 rugs we tested, we highly recommend 12 that come in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns.

That’s why we carry a huge selection of quality rugs at great prices, and why we provide incredible customer service to each and every one of our customers. We believe in exhibiting total professionalism to get every rug cleaning job done on time and within budget. We work hard to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction, regardless the size of the rug cleaning project.

We clean our rugs the old-school way by beating them first to get rid of loose dirt and then cleaning them. Our cleaning will give your rugs a facelift, revitalizing them to look the way it did when you first purchased them. Area rugs are a cost-effective way to bring a new look to your living or workspace without spending a lot of money.

We treat all our area rug cleaning jobs with the greatest care and concern. We are a highly professional carpet cleaning business, and we provide area rug cleaning at competitive prices. In the living room, the sofa is by West Elm, the wool rug is by Restoration Hardware, the flooring is reclaimed oak, and the wall is painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

In the living room of fashion designer Erin Beatty and filmmaker Lex Sidon’s West Village duplex , which was designed by Lara Apponyi and Michael Woodcock of Work + Sea , the leather sofa is by Michael Felix , the love seat is by Pinch , and the Marcel Breuer chairs are from Knoll ; the marble cocktail table is a custom design, the stool by Reinaldo Sanguino is from the Future Perfect , the floor lamp is by Noir , the rug is by Aelfie , and the paintings are by Jimmy Lee Sudduth , left, and Willie Jinks. A houndstooth ottoman is the centerpiece of the living room in this snug New York City bachelor pad ; a rug with exposed stitching feels textural and homey. Once you’ve selected the couch that’s right for you and your space, and a coffee table to match it’s time to outfit your living room with the perfect rug.

40 Living Room Rugs to Instantly Transform Your Space. The primary disappointment Amazon customers specify with the Learning Carpets area rugs is receiving a rug with the illustrated buildings cut in half or cut off. Why you’ll love it: The Learning Carpets Play Carpet area rug provides hours of play time for kids, while also giving children a soft place to sit and tie shoes in their bedrooms.

Because it’s designed for outdoor use, this Bohemian Style area rug stands up to all kinds of weather, according to one Amazon reviewer However, another Amazon customer reported problems cleaning the rug after a particularly messy storm. Pros: Great area rug for kitchens, easy to clean for people with pets, anti-slip and anti-bacterial backing, good price point, many colors and sizes available. Why you’ll love it: The New City Contemporary Modern Wavy Circles rug has a cool design and comfortable fibers, but its best feature is its ability to hide and resist stains.

Why you’ll love it: Flatweave rag rugs offer an interesting design pattern and texture, and the hand-woven Safavieh Rag RAR121C area rug provides a surprisingly soft feel. Pros: Modern design stands up well, beige base color hides stains, excellent price point, stands up to high traffic, numerous sizes available, soft feel in the yarn blend. Pros: Interesting pattern for a shag rug, pile measures 1.18 inches in height, two separate color designs available, soft and comfortable feel, four rug sizes available.

Such rugs have more cushion than the other two types, but some high-pile fibers feel scratchy. Today’s high-pile area rugs are sturdier than those older designs, but they still require more care than low-pile or flatweave rugs. As discussed in The Sweethome , Pearson Carpet Care , and One Kings Lane , there are lots of different area rug designs available, and some of them are even made by hand.

Accent piece: Area rugs have plenty of cool designs and colors. Area rugs sometimes carry an expensive price tag, especially as you move into larger sizes. Area rugs significantly change the look and feel of a room so you don’t have to break the bank with new flooring.

One of the beautiful things about owning a good quality area rug is that they are made to last a lifetime and require very little maintenance,” says Nasim Qasemali, the founder of Ariana Artisan Rugs in Langley. Thankfully, quality rugs are often well-made tapestries that can last for decades, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require a little tender love and care. Authenticity can be gaged by considering the quality and style of knots as well as the signature of master weavers which are sometimes woven right into certain super fine quality Persian rugs,” Pezeshk explains.

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