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Temp StickUnlike the days of yesteryear (The good old days?) When you slept wherever you fell off. With your arm looped through an engine guard so as to still have your "Ride" in the morning. When you went to sleep hoping you were not in for: snow, rain, hail, a freeze, killer bugs, a sand storm, extraterrestrials, a pack of wolves (or any other kind 2 or 4 legged), etc. When most of the gear you needed to ward off these elements was strapped to, roped on, or concealed, very securely, somewhere on the bike. When any further effort required to improve the chances of survival was more than you could possibly muster at this day’s end.

Fast forward through all those years of sleeping bags, tents, air mattress, etc. to the present time - when sleeping on the ground no longer rekindles fond memories of camaraderie and the mystical elements of unconventional behavior in sufficient intensity to desire a repeat of those experiences.

What it now boils down to is how fast/easy we can get our gear off the bike and into the Motel and how quick we can "saddle up" in the morning and get back on the open road. Most dedicated Touring Bikes now have removable, fabric bag liners for their hard bags (and trunk). Many folks Tour on their "Cruiser" and have fitted them out with hardbags (which cuts into ‘zip-lok’ or other plastic bag sales). These are the folks who need and deserve the "Quik-Paks" Hard Saddlebag Liners - because they make it almost as quick and convenient as "sleeping where you fall off".

Made of 600 denier waterproof polyester fabric, the bag liners (Quik-Paks) feature a double zippered top access, net side pockets, reinforced top and bottom and carry straps well positioned for balance. They are currently available for the Honda Valkyrie Tourer the Shadow Tourer and the Champion - "Patriot" models (please specify). The Quik-Pak will fit other slant bag models with approximate measurements of: L-26" x W 9 ½" x H-14 ½".

Quick Paks
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