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This piece of Motorcycle Luggage may not be as aerodynamic (svelt) as your S.O. in the Pillion Position but it is designed to:

  1. Accommodate and organize a fair amount of extra “gear” without creating top heavy or windage sensitive conditions consistent with a taller/larger bag.
  2. Be deep enough to act as a backrest - (The forward compartment makes a great lumbar support.)
  3. Be narrow enough so that hardbag lids( that hinge forward) clear the “Pillion-Pak” whether attached immediately behind you or behind a passenger backrest on a luggage rack.
  4. Have a dedicated space on the bottom (w/velcro closure) to hold straps, bungees (and rain cover on leather model).
  5. Provide eyelets on top to which additional gear may be fastened.

Pillion - Pak Specs:

  • The Bag is approximately 14”xl4”x10” tall overall depending upon how full you pack it.
  • The center compartment is 10”x10”x10”.
  • Side pouches (2) are 10”x 2 ½”x7”.
  • Lumbar pouch is 8”x 0”to 3”x7”.
  • Flat map/document pouch is 9”x 8”.
  • All have zipper closures & weather flaps.

To order the Pillion-Pak visit the Order Page:

$ 45.00
Plus S&H:
Plus S&H: