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A goodly number of years ago, while motorcycling across some wide, lonesome spaces, my rear tire went flat (always the tough one). With nothing around harder than cactus nor larger than pea gravel, the task of propping the bike off the ground fell upon my unloved helmet. A black beanie would not have helped much there but this was before the term “Fashion Statement” came into being. Anyway, with the flat patched, the bike eating up miles, and me with not much better to ponder, a faint glimmer of respect for that bit of head gear was born. Over time, this respect has grown – having been reinforced by an unplanned “Get-Off”, an encounter with a wild (and not too bright) turkey, an airborne disintegrating pallet, a (blind?) blue haired left turner, etc – etc, you can plug in your own ‘happening’.

So, I have tried to take better care of my helmets – not just because of the ‘Respect’ thing – but, also, they do cost a bunch. I’ve had one stolen and suffered the commentary “It probably just fell off your mirror and rolled away” made by someone who didn’t want to take a report – the area being as flat as his feet.

The “Lid-Lock” is a good looking accessory that provides a secure means of locking your helmet & that of your passenger’s to your bike. With the optional cable you can secure a full face helmet (or 2) through the chin bar(s). It won’t stand up to heavy duty tools but if your helmet “Rolled Away” something had to be broken or cut. It’s nice, particularly on a motorcycle, for an accessory to have more than one function. The “Lid-Lock” also serves as the License Plate Bracket & Frame. On Honda Cruisers it gets rid of those (goofy?) reflectors which are not exactly straight anyway.

The “Lid-Lock” is of billet aluminum with stainless steel hardware & chromed locks. It is available in triple plate show chrome or ‘fast black’ powdercoat and made to fit the following models:


  VT 750 ’98-’06 Deluxe ’98-’01 Ace 750 ’02-03
  Tourer ’98-’01 Aero 1100 ’98-’02 Sabre 1100 ’00-‘06
  1300 ’04-’06 (not retro) 1800 ’02-’06 (not retro)  


  Standard ’97-03 Tourer ’97-’00 Interstate ’99-‘01
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