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Cock & Lock

Q. Is the installation difficult?
A. No. Not with the direction provided. See a preview of the directions by going to the "Order" page and clicking on the model bike you now have and your next bike found under "Installation Manual" - if they read the same.

Q. Will the "Cam-Lock" I have on my bike fit the next bike I buy?
A. Maybe - Go to the "Order" page and under "Installation Manual" click on the bike you have now and again on the next bike you plan to own. If the instructions are the same you are "Good to Go".

Q. I've misplaced the adjustment wrench that came with the "Can-Lock". Can I get another one?
A. $10.00 will get one to you. Please send me an email.

Q. I broke the white grip extension for my Honda "Cam-Lock". Can I buy a new one?
A. $10.00 will get one to you BUT make sure it is the extension that is broken. More common is the male threaded portion of the OEM throttle sleeve. Some folks have reattached this with crazy glue.


Q. Can I buy the "Clock Spot" without the clock? It looks cheap!
A. No. But I do agree that it looks cheap and it is - for three bucks throw it away! The idea is that if you dislodge it by tossing a pair of winter gloves (or whatever) at that space between risers and instruments or some lowlife swipes it you aren't out much. If this does happen I will send you as many (cheap) replacements as you want at $3.00 a pop.

Q. How do you set the clock? I lost/tossed the directions.
A. Play around with both buttons. It will probably come back to you. If that fails send me an S.A.S.E. and I will send you a copy of the directions (that you can read WITHOUT glasses).

Q. Why do you call it a "Clock Spot"?
A. DUH! - Call it anything you like!

Q. How soon can I expect my deposit refund?
A. It will be mailed to you within five working days from the receipt of your stock clamp.


Q. There any part of the “Temp Stick” that can come loose and fall into the engine?
A. No.

Q. Why use stainless steel to thread into the engine.
A. To avoid any possibility of an aluminum threaded fixture “cold welding” into place.

Q. Is the “Temp Stick” the same for the VTX 1800 and the VTX 1300
A. No the probe is a different length and the thread is a different size (20mm - VTX 1800), (24mm – VTX 1300).


Q. Does Galfer still offer braided lines in pink?
A. No Ma'am – Sorry

Q. Why are the “Wave Rotors” so expensive?
A. They are laser cut which eliminates warping rather then stamped which create dense metal at cut-out edges producing unequal expansion.

Q. How soon can you ship custom length lines?
A. Normally they are made-up the same day as your order is received. Allow a week to receive them.