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We have all heard about the hazards of dehydration and possibly, while riding, have actually experienced some or all of the symptoms - dizziness, nausea, apathy and confusion. So, we have all sought to avoid the condition by various means: Maybe quenching your thirst at the next gas stop would seem sufficient but don’t forget, even if it doesn’t seem like a ‘workout’ you are exercising. Also, though you may not feel overheated, this may be due to your body’s own cooling system which is the evaporation of bodily fluids - in short - sweating - (or for the ladies - glowing).

Naturally the most convenient solution (pun intended) is the one most consistently used. A water bottle nestled between windshield and riser which is indeed handy, until, partially empty, it takes flight, smacks you in the chest or other more vulnerable part of your anatomy & continues its journey as a missile to anyone behind, or, at the very least, litter on the road. A more sophisticated system is the Back-Pack type of watering system. But, do you wear it over the jacket or under it? Wouldn’t your S.O. be a more comfortable backrest without it?? (Made me feel I was on a ‘life support’ system and so should be laying down.) Also, there is the handle bar mounted cup holder. This, (in my humble opinion) was designed to keep you hydrated between your local Starbucks and home. (But coffee is dehydrating.) At highway speeds these seem to whistle, snort, spill liquid, come loose, or, ALL of the above and at parking lot speeds and tight maneuvers, limits visibility and left turning radius (due to decreased tank clearance, depending on installation).

The "DRINK-CADDY" is designed to fit the horizontal rails of saddlebag guards that are spaced 9½" to 11" apart. The picture shows installation on Champion Bag Guards on a Honda (Valkyrie) as one of many applications. It is a well crafted leather accessory - handy, unobtrusive and does not interfere with a passengers comfort. It will accommodate most plastic water/sports drink containers of (up to) 24 fl.oz @ about 3" in diameter.

NOTE: A road hazard severe enough to dislodge you from your motorcycle may also eject the container from the "DRINK-CADDY" considered, after such an event, as road litter...

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