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!!! WARNING !!!

Improper installation and/or use of the “Cock & Lock” or "Cam-Lock" throttle control could result in serious injury or death, as is the case with any other motorcycle specific part or accessory.


1. Take your hands off the handlebars.
2. Use in traffic.
3. Use in congested residential or urban areas.
4. Use when precise speed changes are required.
5. Use if you are an inexperienced rider.
6. Use with any other cruise control device.
7. Use until you are thoroughly familiar with the

Operation of the “Cock & Lock" or "Cam-Lock"


Inform anyone (including shop mechanics) that will use your motorcycle as to the installation and operation of the “Cock & Lock” or "Cam-Lock".

Wear a helmet, protective riding apparel & eye protection.

Accept that riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous and prepare accordingly.

Return the “Cock & Lock” or "Cam-Lock" for a full refund if you have any reservations concerning its use.