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CAM-LOCK THROTTLE CONTROLTo accommodate the many riders that have requested a throttle control designed for their Sport / Sport –Touring  Bike, the “CAM-LOCK” SPORT is now available for many of the most popular models (see partial application list) with 7/8” bars and separate (from switch housing) throttle cable housing.  In addition to working with any grip that uses/mounts to the OEM throttle sleeve it also:

  1. Works with most heated grips
  2. Is adjustable to overcome inconsistency in OEM parts
  3. Adjustment provides optimal degree of friction to accommodate rider’s preference and road type.
  4. Is made from billet aluminum & stainless steel parts
  5. Appears as an integrated feature rather than an “after thought” add-on.
  6. Black anodizing (hard) provides durability and a compatible appearance.
(CA residents add 8%)

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Installation Manual
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Application List (Partial)

All  FJR  1300 All ST1000 to ST1300 All Spyder R-S
Except those w/factory heated grips NT700  

There are many other Models & previous years that the “Cam-Lock” – Sport will fit.  Please refer to the pictures.

NOTE:  Although the configuration of the throttle cable housings are identical, the position (rotational) falls into two distinct locations:

TYPE A - at @ the two o’clock position which routes the cables up/over the front brake reservoir.
TYPE B - at @ the six o’clock position which routes the cables under the handlebar.

Some bars/clip-on’s have detents/holes in both positions so the owner (or dealer) can choose how the throttle cables are routed.  Please specify “A: or “B” when ordering.