Motorcycle Accessory Design Co. - Building freedom for the road

Motorcycle Accessory Design Co. (MADCO) is a very small design and manufacturing operation that is devoted to develop products for motorcycles that will improve function and performance - not merely enhance appearance.

A few projects, produced to fill individual requirements, have proven that a broader application and appeal exists, and these are the products featured here.

Other items continue to be prototyped and, if they meet the criteria above, will be added to the list. If you have a specific requirement or idea for an accessory and would like to discuss its production please contact MADCo. at 619-423-5693 or send an email to

The Parameters That Apply Are:

A. Must Improve performance, function, utility, handling, convenience, comfort, reliability or maintenance.

B. Must be innovative - not currently available in the format you have in mind.

C. Must be producible in a small machine shop / foundry.

D. Easily installed by the individual biker without expensive tools or extensive modifications

E. Must not adversely effect reliability, ride ability or appearance.

F. Should be commercially appropriate (the aerial square four is an interesting motorcycle but may not benefit from the addition of a throttle control)