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Cam Lock Throttle Control

You're 100 miles out AGAIN and the other Throttle Controls didn't work (or look good etc) on your bike so your right hand still needs a good shake because it's getting a bit numb. Check out the “CAM-LOCK” before your next trip.

Honda Cam-Lock
Yamaha Cam-Lock
Kawasaki Cam-Lock
Suzuki Cam-Lock
Spyder Cam-Lock
Victory Cam-Lock
Indian Cam-Lock
Cam-Lock Sport


Let's face the fact that a wristwatch is not the ideal timepiece when riding a motorcycle. Whether it ruins your image while riding in just a vest or cutoff Levi jacket, or the annoying and distracting contortions required to roll down a gauntlet glove and unzip the sleeve of your leather jacket.

With our motorcycle clock add on, you'll have the time visible at all times without unzipping any leather. It's a must have.

Maybe you can’t pat your head and rub your belly at the same time – doesn’t matter! You can read your oil level and oil temperature with the same device. This useful and good looking accessory provides valuable information while enhancing the appearance of your Honda, Victory, Kawasaki, Suzuki M109 motorcycle and Can-Am Spyder.

For harder braking with less effort and better “feedback”. Galfer braided S/S brake lines are the ultimate. Many other quality components compliment performance and appearance.


(Valkyie Model Shown)
Quick Paks - Hard Saddlebags Liners

Unlike the days of yesteryear (The good old days?) When you slept wherever you fell off – With your arm looped through an engine guard so as to still have your “Ride” in the morning. When you went to sleep hoping you were not in for: snow, rain, hail, a freeze, killer bugs, a sand storm, extraterrestrials, a pack of wolves (or any other kind 2 or 4 legged), etc.


Lid Lock - Secure Helmet Locking

The “Lid-Lock” is a good looking accessory that provides a secure means of locking your helmet & that of your passenger’s to your bike. With the optional cable you can secure a full face helmet (or 2) through the chin bar(s).



Now, for you folks riding the VICTORY Motorcycle who would prefer a lower ride height and better handling and want to do it in Style..."LOWER- LINKS"...offers replacement parts for the rear suspension that achieves a 1 3/8" lower stance.


This piece of Motorcycle Luggage may not be as aerodynamic (svelt) as your S.O. in the Pillion Position but it is designed to:

We have all heard about the hazards of dehydration and possibly, while riding, have actually experienced some or all of the symptoms - dizziness, nausea, apathy and confusion. So, we have all sought to avoid the condition by various means: Maybe quenching your thirst at the next gas stop would seem sufficient but....

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